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SPC will be soon ending sales of RC LiPo battery packs.  New restrictive regulations, along with significant changes in our personal lives brought us to this difficult decision.  We regret that we will no longer be able to continue SPC Racing after the current inventory has been sold.  Please be assured that our customer support will continue throughout this remaining inventory and for a reasonable time after.  Thank you to all over the years.  It has been a pleasure working to serve you as customers!


Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm EST 


►Please allow 3-4 business days for processing and shipping orders.  We do our best to fill orders in a timely manner.


Over discharging your RC LiPo battery pack is considered user related.

Over discharging your RC LiPo battery pack is not a manufactured defect.

Over discharging your RC LiPo battery pack will damage the pack and may cause pack puffing and swelling.

Over Discharging your RC LiPo battery pack IS NOT covered by warranty!! 



May 19, 2016 - Due to new shipping regulations which were effective April 1, 2016, we are no longer able to ship RC LiPo battery packs to any international location.  This also includes ALL UPS air shipments within the United States.  UPS shipments within the United States are now via. their ground service.  We are truly sorry, however this change is due to the new US federal regulation. 


Effective January 15, 2016, the US Postal System raised shipping rates. 


By far the number one cause of premature LiPo pack failure is over-discharging; discharging a pack so low as to damage one or more cells within the pack.  Please pay attention to the correct Low Voltage Cut-off setting and proper pack storage voltage levels as noted in our LiPo Battery Instructions. 


Why purchase a poor quality, high resistance and untested LiPo pack with unknown or no connector and from an unreliable source when you can purchase a high quality SPC Racing LiPo pack that is assembled using low internal resistance cells and a genuine Traxxas or Deans connector?  And as always all packs sold by SPC Racing are tested in house prior to customer shipping using an ESR meter.  We are the originators of 100% pack testing and we continue to do so today as our guarantee that all packs meet SPC's strict QC requirements or they do not ship. 


We have Sticky Kicks "Blue" traction compound in stock priced at $9.95 per bottle.  Please contact us for an exact net quote for quantity and shipping.



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